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Lensbaby Circular Fisheye

Redefine distortion and extend your vision to a 185 degree field of view—beyond what the eye can see.
Da € 295,00

Lensbaby Composer Pro + Sweet 50

Our Composer Pro with Sweet 50 Optic lens helps you frame subjects and freeze time. Using it to play with light-bending blur at a versatile 50mm focal length, you can set ordinary images into motion. You can swap the Sweet 50 Optic with the other optics in our Optic Swap system
Da € 285,00

Lensbaby Composer Pro Double glass

Il Composer Pro con Double Glass Optic offre messa a fuoco particolarmente regolare e la capacità inclinabile / girevole. Il Double Glass Optic crea blur dinamico a 50 mm.
Da € 250,00
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